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Sunnies Face Airblush

A new addition from the local brand Sunnies Face was revealed a few weeks ago. Luckily, I won a set with their acrylic case from their Instagram giveaway! It was such a surprise to me because I completely forgot about it until they tagged me in their story that I actually won the set. I'm so happy about it because I've been wanting to get one (or maybe three) for myself. 

Here's a blog post about the product and what I think about it. (Though I didn't do swatches!)

The Sunnies Face Airblush claims to be a "soft-focus cheek tint" that starts off as a cream and sets into a silky matte finish. It is also said to be buildable that can be used anywhere in the face. It comes in six different shades and includes warm and cool toned ones. The shades are: Doll, Peached, Biscuit, Moon, Razz, and Disco.

An Airblush costs Php 445 with 2.5g of product in each compact. The compact comes with a mirror inside and a sticker at the bottom with the corresponding shade name. The color of the packaging reflects the shade itself.

Upon using the Airblush, three things come to mind: it doesn't smell like anything, it feels like a balm, and it is really sheer. But I guess the thing about this is that it is buildable, so I guess their whole thing here is going after a blush from within kind of thing.

Using it as a blush performs the best. But as an eyeshadow and a lip tint, not really the best idea. I personally think that their Fluffmates perform much better when it comes to pigmentation overall. But the difference about Airblush is that it delivers a more sheer and a more natural finish.

Another thing is that you need the right kind of shade for your skin tone. Some shades don't appear that much to other skin tones while some need more layers to be built up into something visible. But I've learned that the shade that best works for me is Moon and Peached. They are my favorites and I reach for them more often.

As for the longevity, it doesn't last long on the face. I have combination to oily skin, and despite using the Airblush with a base (moisturizer + foundation + concealer) and setting it with powder, it lasts for a maximum of four hours. I'm okay with reapplying it at the middle of the day since the packaging is small and easy to bring but for the price, I don't think it's worth it. I'd honestly go for the more expensive yet more pigmented Take A Layer from 3CE.

So those are just some of my thoughts about the product. Would I use it again? Yeah, until I use everything up. It's a good product. However, I wouldn't buy it with my own money, honestly. Packaging and marketing are no doubt on point, always, hahaha!

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