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The Inbetween

What we remember most of the time are the highs and the lows. But the inbetweens are just as significant. It's the process to and from the highs and lows of life that complete a narrative, one's persona.

The path of turning our dreams to reality and the road to healing are some of the many things we set our hearts and minds to. We all know that we need to exert so much effort and hard work to get to where we want to be. But it's always easier said than done. The path to achieving such goals is already a challenge of its own, but there also lies a lot more sub-challenges and even hindrances along the way. But don't fret, it is a part of it. It prepares us for even bigger and harder situations that are yet to come. Some are much greater than what we are even after.

Time is such a big variable for every move you make in this world. It’s scary how you don’t notice how it passed by in just a snap unless it’s already in the past. That idea makes you fear the future and what lies ahead. It’s also hard to live in the moment when your past haunts you and your future is always at stake.

You may say that you are not in control with a lot of variables in this lifetime, but this is your story to tell. You have the capabilities of writing it and telling it with respect to the many wonders of this life. The universe is filled with surprises and mysteries. But what you make out of it is all that matters. Everything that comes your way can be a hindrance or an opportunity. You choose.

You will never move forward if you play it safe. you need to have courage to take risks and just see how things go. You need to go out there and experience life with failures, success, and the fleeting inbetween.

With everything said, nothing will ever be certain in the universe except for the fact that this is your life and you have the capacity to mold it to your liking. No matter how hard it can get, remember that it is your story and you need to make a way to navigate through it. Have faith in yourself. Wishing nothing but love and light to you, dear friend!

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