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Art Wall Redecoration

My mind's filled with clutter lately, and so is my room. And I feel like the art prints and photographs I placed on my wall seem more like clutter to me as time passes by. I'm not saying that I don't appreciate them, it's that I think I kind of got used to the decor and I just want to mix things up a bit. I need change.

Now, this is how my art wall looked like for months. If you've seen my old blog post about it, this may be familiar to you. I filled it with random photos, art prints, and even magazine cutouts. Some of these prints were from my friends while some were made my yours truly.

I think I've just gotten used to it. It kind of camouflaged in my room since I'm so familiar with it that I tend to disregard it or just let it be. That was the sign that I knew I had to change it. I want something that sparks questions in my mind and creative ideas that I can put to reality.

The photo wall on my headboard area (if you can call it that) also started looking meh to me. A lot of them fell already. Though I wanted to keep this part of my wall, I knew that it's not the best idea at the moment. I'm someone who tends to get super lazy and leave things hanging around for way too long (yes, I can be such a slob). Which is why I decided to take down the remaining photos on the wall. But as for the dreamcatcher on the side of my bed, I'll let it be.

After a few hours of removing the prints, and (some) Tack-It residue, I ended up with this lovely poster that I got from Biblio. It's a poster of the celestial chart. I have no idea where Biblio gets these but at the bottom right, it says "Cavallini Papers & Co., Inc." so, yeah. I fell in love with this poster almost instantly when I saw it in their store. I knew that I had to get it despite having so much art on my wall. I'm glad I finally used it for this side of my room.

As for the wall adjacent to the art wall, I ended up displaying this Japan poster that I also got from Biblio. It also has the same text on the bottom right corner. I am in love with Japanese culture and this country is just at the top of my dream destinations. I promise I'll take myself there someday but I can admire it from afar and this is one way of doing it.

I'm happy with how it looks and I'll probably add a few prints here and there but for now, this is it! I can't wait to find more cool posters and prints to display on my wall.

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