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Monthly Montage: Set 3 of 4

A little overdue, but here's the third set for my Monthly Montage project where I create photo montages of how the month went for me. This features the month of July, August, and September. 

JULY 2019

July was a month of trying. It was a time where I knew that I really need to work my butt off and just go. But the thing is that a big part of me is still scared of the uncertainty tomorrow could bring. This is how it usually works in my mind. Though there may be clear signs of possibilities and positivity, I always step back and assess if it's actually a good choice. Most of the time, I just chicken out. But it really was a month of trying and I commend myself for it. It's still something!


The next month came and it was a confusing state for me. The question "What is it that you really want to do in this life?" came into play. I was hit reality and it made me question my passion and the course of things. August was a month of reaching out and going back to the things that I love, just trying to reassess things and make sense of everything. It felt like a time of diving to my inner self, asking what makes me happy. It was really that experimental month.


The month of September was a whole chunk of change. It was about socializing, saying yes to opportunities, finally putting myself out there, no more excuses, and yeah, work. It was kind of a something degrees turn (can't say a whole 360, hahaha). A lot has changed but I'm glad that I was open to it, that I finally gave myself this chance to grow and learn. It's a beautiful moment at this point of my life and I couldn't be more proud of myself.

So yeah, I'm pretty sure that these months weren't the best and weren't all that good but I'm glad that I'm at a point where I acknowledge the positive so much more than the negative. Here's to growth and positivity!

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