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Endless Learning through Skillshare

Months ago, before being taken over by work from home, I tried Skillshare's 2-month free Premium subscription. Truth be told, I've been seeing it over YouTube as partners of different creators and giving away free memberships or discounts but I've never really tried it out myself. But with all the time I had in the world, I decided to give it a go!

To date, I've spent over 10 hours watching different classes in Skillshare. From marketing to creative writing, I've learned a lot and used those classes and workshops as prompts for my own ideas and future creations. I actually got addicted for 2 weeks that I preferred watching Skillshare classes than Netflix to keep myself busy.

This site made me realize my love for learning and how much I miss school (except for the deadlines and stress). I love how I can watch at my own pace and at my own time. Workshops are fun to join too! I find that most users are more interactive with others when sharing projects.

Here's a list of my favorite classes on Skillshare:
Writing for Self-Discovery: 6 Journaling Prompts for Gratitude and Growth
Drawing for Personal Growth: 5 Exercises for Self-Discovery
Instagram Poetry: Create Personal, Visual Vignettes for Self-Expression
Modern Flowers: Arranging a Stunning Centerpiece
The Perfect 100 Day Project: Your Guide to Explosive Creative Growth

Here's a list of classes I've yet to watch, too:
From Abstract Handmade Marks on Paper to Seamless Surface Patterns in Illustrator
Mastering Illustrator: 10 Tips & Tricks to Speed Up Your Workflow
Digital Illustration for All: Discover, Cultivate and Share Your Unique Personal Style
Illustrating Flowers & Arranging Bouquets in Photoshop
Mixed Media Illustration: Create a Self-Portrait with Watercolor, Gouache & More
Poster Design: Textures and Halftones for Screen Printing
Making Your First Zine: From Idea to Illustration
Fun With Colour: 5 Exercises for Picking Unique Colour Palettes
Explorative Design: Develop Your Style Rapidly and Sustainably
Personal Branding: Crafting Your Social Media Presence

Skillshare also curates lists about a lot of different topics and skills you'd like to learn about! It includes different classes about a particular topic you'd like to learn more about. Here are two of my saved lists:
Freelance Essentials
Fundamentals of Social Media Marketing

There are so many things that you can learn through Skillshare. Though you can do your own research or maybe use a different platform and search for your own, I find that this platform works best for me. It really makes me feel like I'm back in school but learning at my own pace. Deadlines are set but that won't stop or limit you from creating and learning! This easily became a form of self-care for me.

If you want to try Skillshare Premium, you can try it for free for two months using my link. Note that this will mean that if you ever decide to purchase a membership for a month, I will earn a free month of membership too. Enjoy!

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