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Escolta Block Festival Haul

Every weekend of November involved a celebration of art, history, and everything local at Escolta. This year's Escolta Block celebration was different from all the past ones since it's a month-long celebration rather than the usual that lasts for only a weekend. This year they started the first ever Escolta Block Festival with the theme Future Forward!

Now, I'll be honest. Despite the numerous Escolta Block Parties and events the past years, I've never been to one. And since I've been making it a point to immerse myself in more art and support local, I made it a point to visit this year's celebration. I managed to go to two Saturdays and purchased a few products here and there. It's not ideal for my bank account and wallet, but it's very much a good feeling to support fellow artists and local businesses. Here's a haul of what I got!

These art prints are by Dale Magsino. I really love the overall vibe of these and I can somehow relate to his style since I really love eyes, faces, and contour lines. I couldn't leave his booth without buying these two. I got them for PHP 100 a piece.

From the same booth as Dale's, I bought these stickers by Tissa Pagaduan. I really love these because the color scheme looks so good and so are her illustrations. I knew I had to get these because it made me feel a real connection because I'm a homebody and I enjoy flowers so much. I got these for PHP 15 each! Super love these!

These stickers were the first one I bough from the Escolta market. These are stickers by 222. No doubt, the dog stickers got me so excited that I knew I had to get them, hahaha. They're so cute! I also bought a mystery pack of stickers, as seen on the left. A pack of 6 stickers costs PHP 100 each.

I also bought the lavender dyed canvas bag since I only carried a small bag the first weekend, hahaha. No regrets though, I love the color!

I managed to get two tops from a shop called Lost Hippie. I'm not sure if these items were thrifted or preloved but I've always wanted to get polos and I'm glad I got these items for only PHP 250 for both.

This cat print and zine were from Altgrlx. A print for PHP 50, and the zine for PHP 20. I really love the squiggly lines and I knew I had to get them. I wish I bought more, to be honest!

These stickers were PHP 20 each and I super love these pugs. I knew I had to get them! These were from Heya, Moonchild and I actually know the seller, like wow. Way back college! She was kind enough to give me the Laging Gutom Club sticker for free. Thank you!

My favorite purchase would have to be these set of cards by Betsy Cola. Of course, the Holy Mother of Dogs caught my eye! I knew I had to get them. But upon seeing the set, I related to most of them so I just bought it all, hahaha. These cards were sold for PHP 225 as a set, I think?

The Pedro Gil UN PGH sticker is sold for PHP 20 from Heya, Moonchild's booth partner. I wasn't able to get his store name but he sells super cool stickers too! The Paleta tote bag by Artsy Kit is worth PHP 300, also one of my favorite purchases! And yes, I hoarded the Holy Mother of Dogs sticker from Betsy Cola for PHP 30 each.

Blackpink stickers, of course. I wasn't able to get the names of the artists but I got the square ones for PHP 30 each and the small ones for PHP 15! The fangirl in me had to just get these!

Last, a cute corgi cap for PHP 250 by Elixir Studio. I got this for my sister! She really likes it and she used it right away, hahaha.

Yes, I did buy a lot of stuff. But I'm happy that I was surrounded by people who love art and the local market so much. It's super heartwarming to see the smiles of the merchants and artists once you buy their merch. It's also nice when they see that their art and creations make people happy. This is actually my first time to spend so much in an event like this but I'm really happy that I got to support my fellow artists.

Hopefully someday, I'll get to sell my own merch in events like this one. Cheers!

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