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Monthly Montage 2019: Set 4 of 4

Last leg for this year's monthly montage! It's actually a surprise how this little project of mine became a success. This was something out of impulse. I remember starting this after my first psychiatry appointment. It serves as time capsule of some sort, just to remember how each month went by. To end this series this year, here's the last set of montage from October to December.

October felt like a struggle between balancing work and play. It was pretty much a challenge since it has been a while since I last worked on something that wasn't really a passion project or something that's not solely for me. It felt great to be a part of something bigger than myself. 

November, both a struggle and a blessing it has truly been. I felt the pressure and the stress so much but at the end of it all, it felt like everything's worth it. Like what I said, it felt amazing to belong to a community. It was such an amazing experience to work with people who are passionate and innovative. I was also blessed to work with people who value mental health. They're all so supportive about each person's progress in every task and it's just a really great feeling. 

My workload has drastically changed and I don't have much to do other than my personal passion projects. This lead me to a state of bliss of some sort. I don't know if that's the right word but it feels as if I am floating, somehow lost, but a great kind of lost. I feel like I'm lost in a positive way and that I'm about to explore onto greater things in life.

2019 was nothing but a year of growth. I can say that it's much better than 2018. It's such an amazing journey and I just feel so blessed and so proud of myself for having survived some of the hardest years I've faced so far. 2020 may not be easy but I am claiming it as another year filled with growth and going beyond my capabilities.

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