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soleilune's First Art Print Collection

Being surrounded and exposed to different art and artists made me miss making art and trading artworks with other people. With that in mind, I wanted to relive the days of when I used to sell art prints. And this is what I've been up to the past couple of days. I'm happy that I made something that I'm really proud of, despite of how 2020 has been for the entire world so far.

With that said, I'm sharing my first collection of art prints for my brand, soleilune.

The past couple of years made me super interested with astrology which is why I kind of know a lot of stuff about it than the average human, I guess? I got into reading my own natal chart, and of course, reading others' as well. I know that it's a pseudoscience but it's actually fun. Knowing how much of a fan I am of personality tests and all those type of things, loving astrology's not a surprise to me. 

Lo and behold, the first collection I worked on is about astrology! Yes, the twelve signs of the Zodiac, all individually designed in each art print. I really wanted something that looked kind of classic yet very much trendy as well. I wanted something that I would want framed or just stuck on my bedroom wall. I also wrote a short write-up about each sign, making it more personal and relatable.

If you're interested to order a print, I do shipments nationwide (within the Philippines). You can check the full designs on soleilune's Instagram page and order through the form here! I will definitely work on more designs. If you have ideas or requests, you can comment down below. If you'd like to hire me, you may contact me through my e-mail too!

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