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Art Fair Philippines 2020

Arts month is celebrated every month of February in each year and the Art Fair Philippines has been a must-see event for all art enthusiasts. This year's exhibition was filled with works from different exhibitors, galleries, and artists from all over the globe. As always, it was a fun experience and I'd like to share some of my favorite works.

The works above are by Ioannis Sicuya. Being an architecture major myself, I found myself kind of freaking out a bit with how wonderful these were. They're called Column 1, 2, and 3. These are made of wood, epoxy and acrylic. They're three different columns that seem like they're made out of ruins from a war of some sort. Honestly, my favorite from the whole fair.

"As long as there are many beautiful women there will be more rape cases"

One thing that people lined up for and took a good time to bask in awe is Irresistable Grace by Julie Lluch. I were at a lost for words as I entered the space; and honestly, I still am. A lot of people were really taking their time to admire the whole set.

Salvador Joel Alonday

Opera-Screaming Faces by Gabriel Barredo

The particular work above is Kalawakan ng Kalooban by Josh Palisoc. I really love the use of different materials, especially with the lights from the inside. I'd love to have one for my own place someday and I think I'll spend a lot of time staring at it as my late-night thoughts consume me.

Shin Koyama

Part of a section in the fair was BPI Presents which was curated by Norman Crisologo. This particular neon and colorful section was by Jellyfish Kisses. I think a lot of people enjoyed this section because a lot of the art was very interactive. A lot of color play and different patterns just brought so much joy to a lot of people.

Shadow Earth solo show by Emmanuel Tolentino Santos

Dukot Survival by Manny Montelibano

Fragmented Mindscapes by Justin Nuyda

It was a delight to finally be surrounded with so many inspiring works of art and art enthusiasts as well. Imagination and creative juices cannot be forced and I applaud all the artists for a successful Art Fair this year. Maybe someday I'll get to share my own art through exhibits and maybe even become a participant of the Art Fair in the future. Here's to great art and reaching our dreams!

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