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Bloom: Art Journal Update for 2019

As I was scrolling through my blog and doing a quick check on my previous posts, I realized that I haven't shared the progress of my art journal for the past year. Art continues to be a form of self-expression and a place that brings me comfort which is why I still work on a lot of personal art during my free time. I'd like to share some of my works from the past year plus the different mediums I used.

This tiny, yet very thick, notebook was from Miniso. I've been using this since August 2017 and up to this date, I still have a bunch of pages left. You may view some of my past works in this journal through this blog post.

To start this off, the photo below is an artwork that I did because I was just itching to paint and draw something. I used my Koi Watercolors and my Uni Signo white pen for this. I spent a good time doodling the squiggly lines and cutting the circles individually. My hand was so sore after this, but no regrets!

The next two photos above are just ordinary drawings but I used my Sakura Glazed Gellyroll pens for that thick shiny ink effect. As you can see, yes, squiggly lines are definitely a constant in my art style, if you can call it as such. The thing about the pens though is that it uses a lot of ink. However, I really had fun doing this!

The next one is a spread where I tried using Simbalion Gouache paint for the skies, and white acrylic paint for the foreground. I was testing the opacity of the gouache and I liked it! That's when I started using gouache more often than watercolor.

The next photo is an unfinished sketch of Lalisa Manoban from Blackpink. I really wanted to try something realistic. I love drawing portraits but I've never tried something realistic so this was a first for me. My fear for ruining this took over me which is why I didn't even bother finishing it, hahaha. I'm pretty sure I'll get the proportion wrong.

The next is similar to the gouache artworks. This spread, however, was made using Ooly Chroma Blends Watercolor Pens. It took ma some time to get used to this medium but I really love the effect it gives when you use it dry on an already painted surface. I can't describe it that much but if you look closely on the spread, you'll see the texture of the paint.

The last two spreads here are both plant-related. The first spread are references from Pinterest. I used gouache paint for this spread. I just wanted to try something different. I don't really paint scenes like these so I had fun trying it despite some accidents with splashes of water everywhere, haha!

The last one are a bunch of cutouts from watercolor paper using the watercolor pens again. I enjoyed using the watercolor pens and I plan to use them more often. It's really fun experimenting with it!

So those are some of my favorite art journal entries from 2019. I'm still using this art journal until I use all the pages. Will most likely share them again here. I hope this sparks some inspiration in you to start working (or continue working) on your own art journal!

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