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Staying Occupied in Self-Isolation

This year hasn't been the best, for sure, and it's only been three months. We still have a long way to go but a lot has already happened and continues to happen. The world's at a very tricky state and we're at a point of uncertainty. Tomorrow is much more a mystery than how we used to navigate our daily lives before. Today asks for holding on to hope, doing our part, and being compassionate.

A lot of places in the world today are under community quarantine to combat the pandemic. With everything said, for sure, a lot of us are having a hard time dealing with the every day. But to keep the positivity within us, here are a set of activities that I like to do to keep myself occupied during these trying times.

Read! May it be an article you've left on bookmark for the longest time, your favorite bloggers' newest entries, or an actual book. My current read is Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life and it's been a great help so far. I also plan on reading a few architecture books that I got from the recent Big Bad Wolf 2020 book sale plus a few more self-help books that have been chilling on my shelves for a year already.

Watch! Netflix or YouTube, go ahead! Bingewatch a new series or some feel-good movies to keep the optimist in you. I'm planning to watch Kingdom and Itaewon Class on Netflix. I recently watched The Martian with a friend through Netflix Party. You can use this Chrome extension to watch with your friends online. Another fun way to watch videos if you're using your mobile device is through the application Rave.

Make some art! Sketch, draw, paint, go ahead and get creative! When I'm itching to create something but have no idea what to do, I go to Pinterest or Pexels to look for inspiration. You can find a lot of references online for practice sketches.

Make a playlist. What I do is I make one for chilling or sleeping, one for being productive, and one for a much-needed mood booster. These are three of the things that I need in my Spotify account to make sure I have a playlist fit for every mood or need. You can make one for studying or working from home, and even something to boost your mood up and help you dance along.

Write letters. If you have a penpal like me, now's a great time to write to them about anything under the sun. I found myself working on a lot of things to include for my penpal for our next exchange. You can also write for your future self.  Just write from the heart and let all your thoughts be put into words. Write about your current mood, your favorites, or your dreams. Just imagine how future you would read this a few months or years later.

Journal and reflect. One thing to make use of this time wisely is to reflect. Take quality time with you and your mind. Be unapologetically you. Make your journal your safe space and just show your genuine self. I find this very therapeutic! It keeps my late-night thoughts all organized somehow.

Clean! This is not only something you can do but something you must do. Other than proper hygiene, make sure your surroundings are clean and safe. But if you want to go the extra mile, you can do a little closet decluttering. I find myself doing this a couple of times in a year and it reminds me of how I am gaining so much weight lately (hahahahaha).

Learn something new. I personally use Skillshare but any platform will work! If you want to learn more about Skillshare, you can read my old blog post about it and get free 2 months of Skillshare Premium if you're a new user through my link!

It is such a privilege to be able to do all these activities. Let's not forget to keep the frontliners, the sick, and the suppressed in our hearts and minds. Let's all do our part for them. Let's flatten the curve until we fully defeat this pandemic.

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