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Adventures in Analogue #08 (RETO3D)

This is different from the usual Adventures in Analogue series since this is in relation to my previous post about RETO3D film camera. These are just some of the photos I took as I experimented with the camera. I used a Kodak Colorplus 200 for this one.

Like what I said from my previous post, I imagined using this camera for parties or events, mainly for portraits. I'd love to capture movement and energy to bring the frames to life as I stitch them into gifs. I did my best to create a separation or a clear difference from the foreground and the background. Sometimes the shots were successful, sometimes it's a big fat meh. It's all up for trial and error until you figure out how to properly use it to your advantage.

What I love about this camera so much is it brings me much more excitement in each shot since I'm not entirely sure if the particular frame I want is captured since I use it for movements, hahaha! The more layers you have in your image, the more fun the outcome is. But I do have a hard time trying to orchestrate a well-thought out and balanced image. I think I need to try this for an actual shoot or during an actual event with people I trust and maybe even strangers.

Overall, I had a lot of fun taking this out for a test. I hope you enjoyed viewing these gifs! I'd love to share more once I get a chance to take this camera out for a roll again. Would love to experiment more and keep on surprising myself!

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